Our Volcano tours are designed to explore several of the close by volcanoes. Costa Rica is home to over 200 volcanic features and is part of the Central American Volcanic Arc, a chain of volcanoes that stretches from Guatemala to Panama. The arc has the greatest density of volcanoes in the world — roughly one volcano every 35 kilometers (22 miles). It is the most volcanically active region in the Western Hemisphere.



Located in the Poas Volcano National Park, Poas volcano is the most visited volcano with an active crater at 2,708-meters (8,885 ft). Be prepared to adjust your plans if clouds cover the crater. Your tour guide will coordinate your visit at the most opportune time to see the crater. During the tour expect to be awed by the rushing waterfalls and tranquil rain forest wildlife. Have your camera ready to capture the exotic birds, butterflies, monkeys, hummingbirds, snakes, large felines and frogs live in the vibrant sanctuary. While you are there you will enjoy a fantastic buffet lunch. After all that walking, you will stop by a local spot called “Soda y Mirador”. This is an amazing tico restaurant with a spectacular view of a waterfall and incredible bird watching. Take time to soak in the view and the smells of an authentic tamale cooked on the open fire. Maybe you will have a visit from the illustrious Emerald Toucanet, what a treat! Lastly, on your way back down the mountain, your guide will stop by a local coffee farm for an informational tour of the field. Afterward, sit and enjoy a fresh cup of the best of Costa Rican coffee in the café that overlooks the field.  Admire the view of the central valley and look for Costa Rican coffee take home with you from the Hotel Los Volcanoes gift shop as a reminder of your experience.


$150 USD



Heading west from ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest House to the area of Cartago your first stop will be the Irazú Volcano. On a clear day from the summit, it is possible to see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In the heart of the city of Cartago are the Santiago Apóstol Parish Ruins. The site was declared a “Historic Relic” on August 2, 1982. Learn about the folklore and history surrounding this site. Stop for lunch for some authentic Costa Rica cuisine. After lunch, your next destination will be Lankester Botanical Gardens. Charles Lankester, a British botanist and orchid enthusiast, created the private garden for his enjoyment Now part of the University of Costa Rica, the garden is home to over 3,000 different species and is considered the most important botanical institution in the area. A visit to Cartoago would not be complete without stopping by Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles. This extraordinary basilica is steeped in history and mystery. Learn about “La Negrita”, a small wooden statue of the Virgin Mary, and how she became the patron saint of Costa Rica in 1824.


$110 USD

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The last confirmed eruptive activity at Barva Volcano dates back 8,050 years ago.  Barva has three principal summits visible from the Central Valley. Next you will experience a spectacular canopy tour in the cloud forests on the slopes of the Barva Volcano. The local name is Las Tres Marías (The Three Marys).  Once you are in the trees, your feet will not hit the ground, zipping from tree to tree, until the tour is over! In addition to the canopy tour, you will have to opportunity to rappel down next to a beautiful waterfall with a total distance of 45 meters (145 feet).  Bring some dry clothes to change into, you will need them! After you are all cleaned up and fresh, your tour guide will take you to a local place for fried chicken… yes, Pollo Frito Costa Rican style!


$190 USD