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Since purchasing the hotel a year and a half ago, we have been busy updating and upgrading just about everything in our quaint historic guesthouse.  Our desire was to keep its local charm but upgrade with comforts to the expectations of the discerning traveler.  We believe we have been successful… Come and check us out!

Considerable amounts of resources, time, and energy have been spent to upgrade the rooms and mechanicals at the hotel.  A lot of personal sweat equity and the help of some amazing local trades people have accomplished the task. Many of the amenities and features of the hotel have been painted sanded, scraped, torn down / built back, and on and on to improve our guests’ experience. 

Welcome to a fresh new look with fully functioning mechanicals and more.


In our travels in Costa Rica, we noticed that the small local places where we love to stay seem tired and dated.  Not us… at least not anymore!   Every inch of the hotel is painted, inside and out, in fresh clean white with pops of color.  New bedding, towels, and comforters on every bed… believe it or not, it can get chilly at night here.  Guests find tastefully designed consistent color and theme from room to room. It is thoughtful and put together, not the old stuff from the basement. 


Your safety is at the top of our concerns.  Solar lighting provides nighttime safety.  Handrails, gutter covers, and anti-slip features keep you safe from a possible slip.  New smoke detectors are placed in every room, carbon monoxide detectors where applicable, and fire extinguishers throughout the hotel.  And yes, we check the batteries!

Our technology has been upgraded.  We have a monster Wi-Fi system.  With all new access points that are properly programmed you can now be connected ANYWHERE in the hotel.  No more having to sit at the front desk to have connection. Our phones even automatically find the network when we get out of the taxi on the street. In addition, a cell phone charging station awaits for you to make sure your phone does not run out of juice.  

Hot water galore! Every hot water heater in the hotel has been replaced assuring hot showers for all. Some guests now say the water is too hot… just find the “Sweet Spot” and enjoy.

Brand new air conditioner units in our Superior Rooms and they are COLD! Air conditioners are also being added in some of our other rooms over the next few months. It can get hot… so check out our Superior Rooms if you would like AC.

Many, many more upgrades … come and enjoy all that has been done to make your stay at Alajuela City Hotel and Guest House better than anywhere else in Costa Rica. Your traveling comforts await! Book your next stay and save 10% with CODE: UPDATE2020.  Valid through December 31, 2020.


Charles and Heather Henderson

and the Staff of alajuelacityhotel