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BIG, big News… Announcing our hotels NEW NAME in Alajuela, Costa Rica!

We are excited to announce that the hotel you have come to love and enjoy, Hotel Los Volcanes, is now…


ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest House captures who we are perfectly.  For the business traveler, we are the Hotel with easy access to all the city offers.  For the vacationer we are the Guest House with local charm and flair.  From the board meeting of our business travelers to the high adenine adventures of our vacation travelers, we offer a magical place to relax and be restored.  No matter what brings you to Costa Rica, business or pleasure, we are here to serve you in excellence.


We have seriously considered what we want our hotel to be now and in the future.  The fresh vision and energy can be felt the moment you walk through our welcoming doors. Great care has been given to provide guests with and experience of service and hospitality.  Specifically we are dedicated to creating unique quality experiences, building enduring relationships, and providing personalized service our guests that will treasure for a lifetime. Our values drive us to excel in all we do.  Service, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Teamwork… these are not merely words to us, they are how we make decisions and handle interactions.


We are in the city center of Alajuela.  We are a quick 8 minutes from the Juan Santamaria Airport.  Proximity to the airport has always been a main advantage for guests to stay with us. That fact was getting lost in our name.  Sadly, unfamiliar guests canceled their reservation because they thought we were too far away from the airport.

Our city center location is ideal for arriving travelers.  Want your place to stay for your first night close to the airport before you explore Costa Rica to be close to the airport… we are perfect.  We are who has explored Costa Rica, is heading home and wishes to be close to the airport for departure.  No worries or hassle with the issues of the traffic in getting to the airport on time.  And… BONUS… we provide transportation to the airport between the hours of 5 am and 11 am.

In addition, our name focuses on the amazing activities right in town and within a short drive from the hotel rather than a volcano 40 kilometers away.  In town, visit the Juan Santamaria Cultural Museum, Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral, “City of Mangoes” Central Park, Central Market, and the list goes on.  We provide a great map to help you explore our wonderful city.  20 to 30 minutes from ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest House ., you can visit Zoo Ave, Doka Coffee Estates, Starbucks, La Paz Waterfall Garden, Zip Lines, and much more.  If you must see a volcano, Poas is only 45 minutes away.

What motivated us, the new ownership, to rebrand?  Well, that is an interesting story.  We had decided to just rework our website and optimize it so that others could actually find this gem of a hotel in the city.  In doing so, we hired a photographer, Louis Hernandez, to take amazing high definition pictures.  (Check out his work on our new website ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest House.  We highly recommend him. If you are interested in contacting Louis, please email him at ). Louis saw the incredible hotel we are and how we were not capturing the attention of potential guests. He suggested a name change.  We could not believe what we were hearing but, in our hearts, knew it was what we had been searching for. Therefore, the journey began to figure out a name that captured the essence of who we are and how we serve our guests. The answer, ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest House . The same amazing location, attentive staff, and quaint building… ONLY BETTER!  Our driving focus is not to be the best in downtown Alajuela… but to be BETTER!  Why?  Because better never ends!

We thank our loyal guests and value your continued patronage. We are excited about new guests finding our gem and sanctuary in the middle of the Alajuela City Center. AND we look forward to the next chapter of serving our guests with excellence, hospitality, and genuine care.

Check out our new website at  Book your next stay and save 10% with CODE: NEWNAME 2020.  Travel must be completed by December 31,2020.

Charles and Heather
and the Staff of the new