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While zeroing down on a hotel of your preference, you will encounter a wide range of selections. Picking the one that meets your wants and necessities out of the all the options can prove to be an intimidating task. A fraction of preliminary exploration will certainly make your task of finding a hotel in St Jose Costa Rica much simpler. In this blog, you will get an idea about various factors, which you need to consider while booking a suitable hotel for a comfortable stay during your vacations or business trips.

Location makes a Difference

Location is the foremost factor in looking for a hotel. It should be viable and effortless to reach area attractions and adventures if you are scheduling a family trip. If your trip is for business purposes, then close to town turns out to be a deciding factor. Close proximity to shopping locations, restaurants, banking, and other conveniences can also be important on your list.

Having Fantastic Facilities

When we talk about the best luxury hotels in Costa Rica, the amenities play a major role, For a family vacation, does the hotel offer a child friendly atmosphere. If your trip is planned for business purposes, a Wi-Fi connection accompanied by supplementary business services may be first on your list.

Keeping it in your Budget

Bear in mind the value of the hotel when booking it. Before making a final call, contemplate numerous other value added amenities such as an included breakfast, laundry options, and tour desk.  Search for hotel that offers striking price with comfortable lodging in your budget. You can likewise do an online assessment amongst several existing choices.

Taking a Look at Reviews and Feedbacks

Be sure to check out the reviews of the hotels you are considering. Look out for comments by people who have stayed there to discern whether their experience was good or not. In a negative review, read the response of the hotelier to see if they were defensive and made excuses or took responsibility and explained the situation further.  Remember, there are two sides to an experience.   Online travel opportunities, hotel evaluation sites and social media sites can aid you in discovering the hotel that you long for. Trip Advisor is a platform that allows past guest to rate hotels.  Look for certificates and accomplishments like 2020 Travelers’ Choice Award. Make an informed choice when picking your hotel or the best family resorts in Costa Rica.


Accessibility holds the Key

Stress-free accessibility by air, road or train along with close parking are options to consider. Does the hotel offer shuttle service to adjoining airport, railway station and additional sightseer fascinations can be an advantage. If not, easy availability, public transport should be there to make it convenient and opportune. Size of room in consort with other amenities and some kind of allegiance assistances are some additional aspects that you should ponder about.

Coming to a Conclusion

If you want to stay in a great hotel, then it is imperative to be mindful of all these aspects.   Do your homework and enjoy your stay. We at ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest House have the finest amenities and comfort with the utmost concern for your safety and security. Whether your travel is for pleasure or business, we check off all the above criteria. Give us an opportunity to serve you.  We promise you will not be disappointed.