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Hotel guests require different expectations when they are looking for accommodation, with family guests wanting larger rooms that feature a connecting door to business travelers requiring a comfortable place to sleep and full-time room service.

If you are traveling to countries such as Costa Rica, one of the best hotels near San Jose Costa Rica airport is ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest House. We are a reliable and affordable luxury hotel in the area that also has a few shared characteristics with other luxury hotels in different locations. Our services are world-class and we know that when guests check in, they will be expecting an added level of class.

Since we understand that when guests are looking for a hotel, they want to see features before and after the booking process so as to make informed decisions. In this blog, we share the common features of the best hotels near San Jose, Costa Rica airport.

Reliable Communication

One of the things hotel guests want is to have their questions answered so as to feel confident booking a room, this is why reliable communication is very important. This is why at ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest House we make sure our staff members are reachable with a phone call or email, it won’t reflect well on the property. By providing instant and reliable communication, we also make sure our staff members are reachable for on-site guests.

Well-staffed phones, messaging in emails and direct lines from rooms to the front desk, we make sure our guest’s experience is elevated. Making guests feel supported makes them appreciate our hotel more and want to come back.

Modern Interior Design

It goes without saying that guests looking to book a hotel or place to sleep consider the appearance of each room as it is important in choosing the best luxury hotel. While you can choose rooms decorated with modern interior design such as mixed white and black or the standard red carpets and beige bedding, you can opt for pastel or peaceful color palettes that look attractive and create an environment that promotes a more traditional look.

Luxury On-Site Services

While other hotels offer standard on-site amenities, ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest offers luxury services including the lobby for a social area or meeting space and a fitness center that feature luxury equipment and weekly classes.

Our on-site services may also include serving guests’ needs, such as local dog walking or babysitting services, free sheltered parking, and laundry service.

Last Problem-Solving Staff

Last but not least, what guests do not want is to meet inadequate staff members that can ruin their trip. With ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest our guests will not face this problem because we always train our staff members to respond quickly and efficiently to all the guests. We have full-time employees who facilitate seamless guest experiences.


ALAJUELA CITY Hotel & Guest House features all the common factors of the best hotels near San Jose Costa Rica airport, we are here to offer you the best and most affordable luxury hotel services. Call us at 011-506-2441-0525 or at for more information.