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That’s right Independence Day. Wind nor rain, nor sun, nor pandemic can change the fact; Costa Rica remains a sovereign country.

September 15 in 1821 marks the day Costa Rica, along with the rest of Central America broke away from Spain becoming part of the First Mexican Empire. At that time Costa Rica and Nicaragua already operated as on autonomous region.

After a short civil war, mainly attributed to the Battle of Ochomogo, in 1823, the Republicans had defeated the Imperialists to proceed with Costa Rica’s further independence from The First Mexican Empire, which was in vain as word arrived shortly after, that the First Mexican Empire ceased to exist.  This left Costa Rica as part of the Federal Republic of Central America.

In 1825 Juan Mora Fernández was elected the first Costa Rican head of state. Four towns in Central Valley, Heredia, Cartago, Alajuela and San Jose argued over the Capital until 1837 when San Jose was officially declared.

Having operated as an independent state for many years, Costa Rica formally withdrew from Guatemala City’s central government and the Federal Republic of Central America.

Interesting Facts Costa Rica as a Sovereign State.

Costa Rica built its initial wealth on coffee exports starting 200 years ago. This ushered in the Coffee Baron Era.

Prior to coffee, Cocoa, tobacco, and sugar were the primary exports with bananas arriving approximately 100 years later.

The ox cart was the main mode of commercial transportation, with a few ox carts remaining in use today..

The most significant event since independence was the military being abolished in .

In 1849 the province of Chiriquí joined Panama.

1825 was the year Guanacaste decided to join, and was annexed by Costa Rica. At the time Guanacaste joined Costa Rica it was known as Nicoya. Today that part of Costa Rica is called the Nicoya Peninsula.

Independence day is regularly celebrated with every variety of Dance and parade. Ticos can dance like the wind and do get dressed up for the occasion.

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