If you are interested in history and culture, then our City Tours are perfect for you. From local sights, interesting places, and museums you will be exposed to the countries rich history, unique culture, and amazing diversity that makes Costa Rica a special place. Learn about the city of Alajuela and it’s role in Costa Rica’s past or go into San Jose and visit amazing museums like the National Museum and the Jade Museum.


Your tour will guide you through all the wonderful sites Alajuela’s City Center has to offer.  In the center of the city is a huge impressive red dome church that is a few minutes away from the Parque Central. West of the park is Alajuela’s central market, which takes up an entire city block and is a great place to shop. Another tourist attraction in this city is the Juan Santamaria Cultural Historical Museum nearby Central Park.  The Juan Santamaria Park, named after national hero Juan Santamaria, this park is located within a block south of the Central Park. And many more sites…

You can be accompanied by a guide who will take you through the city or you can explore on your own with our map and booklet with all the information about each attraction.

PER PERSON/ MINIMUM 2                                    $60/$90 USD



By private tour guide you will head to the center of San Jose for a day of museum hopping. Gold Museums, Museo Nacional De Costa Rica, and the Jade Museum are some of the most popular tourist sites in the city. The Gold Museum is a marvel of architecture with the building under the La Sabana Park built like an inverted pyramid. Grab a bite for lunch before heading out the Museo Nacional De Costa Rica for a chronological tour of Costa Rican history. You will discover Costa Rican history through a dazzling collection of ancient artifacts of jewelry, coins, and icons preserved from across the centuries tell the story of fallen civilizations.  Next you will have an opportunity to explore the Central Market in downtown San Jose. The market contains a complex of narrow alleys with over 200 shops, stalls, and affordable restaurants called sodas. The history and shopping expedition will end with a short walk to the Jade Museum. A wonderfully modern building with five floors that houses Central America’s most extensive collection of pre- Columbian jade… more than 700 pieces on display. Look for the bracelet with 27 facets…..amazing!

PER PERSON/                                                         $130 USD